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Kwaiseypee1Kwaisey Pee’s new highlife song, ‘Kyei Baffour’ features Kofi B
There is obviously no peace when greed creeps into friendship. When it’s got to do with men, it can escalate into something unpleasant.

Kwaisey Pee’s new highlife song, ‘Kyei Baffour’ which features Kofi B touches on the subject of greed.

In the music video which features Bismark The Joke, Kyei Baffour (played by Bismark The Joke) sings about food and his friend ‘chopping’ it all alone. So it plays out that three guys (Kwaisey Pee, Kofi B and Kyei Baffour) go out to meet up with 3 women.

Something went amiss; one out of the guys didn’t get a woman and that can only happen when one of the guys is greedy and decides to take two women home. Yes you guessed right, it was Bismark The Joke aka Kyei Baffour was greedy and took two women home.

Kyei Baffour could just have made Kwaisey Pee take one of the ladies but his greed got over him.

The moral of the song is obvious; don’t keep too long on the football but learn to give passes, share and be humble in life.

Watch the video here:

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