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A Plus ShattaKwame A Plus

After he had his Facebook account pulled down, Kwame A Plus has been on the low on Facebook lately as he does not get the needed hype he used to have with his daily rants.

Well, he seems to be building the momentum gradually and when he bursts out he just may take Ghana by storm.

The musician and sympathizer of the governing New Patriotic Party has questioned the silence of Ghanaians who complained about the presence of military men at his traditional marriage ceremony some weeks ago.

According to him, there were several Police and Military men holding their weapons at the wedding of Ghana’s Dancehall heavy weight, Stonebwoy but Ghanaians who criticized him of ‘abusing power’ when some Military men came for his marriage ceremony have been quiet about Stonebwoy’s wedding.

He indicated that those 'hypocritical idiocy' of those who complained has been made bare indicating that they criticized him because they wanted to paint the NPP government in a bad light.

He posted “There were so many police and military men with guns at Stonebwoy’s wedding. Ghana is quiet. No one is making noise about it. My soldier friends were only at my engagement to dance. No weapons. Not even a wawa board and because of politics they wanted to find a way to use me to make the NPP government look bad….!!!! Kwame no bore. Wait for my wedding. E go be like we dey go war for Iraq…. #Gbemi people”.

Kwame A Plus had a social media banter with TV3’s Komla Klutse who complained about the presence of Military men at the traditional marriage ceremony of Kwame A Plus. Kwame A Plus rained insults on the Journalist who was asking why a common citizen’s marriage ceremony was given Military protection.

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