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Vincent McCauley And Adjetey Anang 750x406Both actors put up interesting performances to entertain their audience in ‘Things We Do for Love’
Popular Ghanaian actors, Adjetey Anang and Vincent McCauley, are starring in an upcoming movie titled ‘My Very Ghanaian Wedding’, 17years after they last featured in Ghana’s most popular series, ‘Things We Do For Love’.

‘Things We Do for Love’ was a TV series that told the story about the youth and how they live their lives and go about things in school and at home, with their parents also coming in their way – trying to put them on track so that they wouldn’t go astray. Vincent, who played the role of Max, was interested in Dede (the girlfriend of Pusher). Adjetey Anang played the role of Pusher, the popular character of the series.

Both actors put up interesting performances to entertain their audience in the rested series. But after the series, they have never come face-to-face on set again.

“We never did. That is why I was happy to be in ‘My Very Ghanaian Wedding’ with him. We both worked on ‘Adams Apples’ but we never met on set because the episodes were different,” Vincent told NEWS-ONE on Wednesday.

‘My Very Ghanaian Wedding’ talks about love and the Ghanaian culture. It delves into how culture and traditions play a key role in the society and how it binds people together.

Tagged as 2017’s most comic romantic drama, it also stars award-winning actors like Grace Omaboe, Elaine Attoh, Sitsofe Tsikor, Ludwig Kalms, Dzifa Glikpoe and others.

It will be premiered at Silverbird Cinemas (Accra Mall and West Hills Mall) on Friday, October 6, 2017 at 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm respectively.

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