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Johnson Asiedu Nketiah NDCJohnson Asiedu Nketia
The General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress says he is waiting investigations into his near attack by some gunmen. Johnson Asiedu Nketiah said the heavily built masked gunmen stopped his car on the Accra-Kumasi road under bizarre circumstances.

Even though he was not physically assaulted, the NDC scribe says his family was left shaken by the movie style incident.

Mr Nketia (General Mosquito) was attacked by unknown gunmen at Suhum, in the Eastern Region on Monday, August 28 when he was returning from a trip to Kumasi.

Narrating the incident to Sena Nombo on the gold evening news, Mr Nketia said the faces of the men were hidden by masks, and they caused his driver to stop suddenly when they crossed his (Mr. Nketia’s) car with a Toyota Tundra vehicle with registration number GT 66612.

The men then got out of their car with AK 47 guns and other weapons and banged their wrists on his car, instructing that he and his driver get down from the car, but upon noticing oncoming vehicles, the thugs quickly got into their car and sped off.

“This matter happened near Suhum in the Eastern Region, when I was returning from Kumasi.

The men were driving a Tundra car with registration number GT 66612. “They were all putting on masks when they got down for their vehicle, instructing me and my driver to come out, but [they] left the place when they saw other cars coming.

We were not hurt in the process. “I called the National Security Minister immediately after the people left, and he assured me he was going to attend to me but since then, he hasn’t called back,” Mr Nketia said.

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