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Ghanaian rapper Desmond Blackmore known in showbiz as D-Black has asked people not to compare him to other rappers.

According to him, he is not a lyricist like Sarkodie so he entreats people not to lump him up in the same league with them.

“I’m not a lyricist. I’m not an MC. Don’t compare me to Sarkodie. I don’t do what they do. Sarkodie is an amazing lyricist. Me, I’m a business man. I’m an entertainer. I make music, you dance to it and I get paid for it and I am happy for that,” he said.

He also said in the interview with Delay on GH One TV that music has now gone beyond only talent.

“I’ve gone to the BETs, I’ve won Channel O’s, I’ve been nominated Best Rapper in Africa. The music industry is not about talent anymore. It’s also about the material you put out there. It’s also about your brand. It’s also about the music you put out and I am a combination of all these,” he D-Black added.

D-Black has been mocked by Wanluv, DJ Black and other entertainment critics as one of the worst rappers in Ghana.

Since he started doing music 7 years ago, he has released songs like ‘Move,’ ‘Breathe,’ ‘Somebody,’ ‘Vera,’ ‘Personal Person’ and ‘Kotomashi.’

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