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Akos ReggieAkosua Adjepong
Musician and dancer Akosua Adjepong, after three decades, is still nursing a bitter dancing ‘beef’ with Reggie Rockstone.

She still has scores to settle with the hiplife artiste who beat her at the Black Caesar Competition in 1983 in Osu, Accra.

The ‘Frema’ hit singer is calling for a rematch with Reggie Rockstone because she believes that she was cheated on the day of the competition. Advertisement

Reggie Rockstone emerged winner of that competition, Adjetey Sowah came second and Akosua Adjepong emerged second runner-up.

Speaking in an interview on the Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy FM with Doreen Andoh, the singer, who is now a gospel musician, said she is ready to face Reggie Rockstone any day.

“Anywhere I get Reggie Rockstone we are still going to do a competition. I want to take my first place which he took from me,” she said.

Narrating why she lost, Akosua Adjepong said, “That day, you know the electric boogie had come and I knew that the DJ should have the song so I left my cassette at home and so it was about time and I was called and I told the guy I wanted electric boggie and the guy said, ‘I didn’t have it’,” she wanted to opt out of the competition because she had rehearsed for that particular song.

She joked that there was a deliberate ploy to let her lose the competition that day.

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