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Majid Wife 2015Majid Michel and wife during their wedding

Actor Majid Michel has advocated the need to re-look at the marriage registration system in Ghana, as he registered his displeasure with how things are currently done in that space.

Speaking at a press conference for the movie, ‘Adam The Eve’, which is about marriage, Majid pointed out that the Registrar General’s Department, the state authority which handles marriage registration, is not doing well enough to protect marriage as an institution.

According to him, this is because married couples are not being challenged to understand marriage before they sign up for it.

He has alleged that couples are allowed to sign certificates without making them go through a form of training system, as he insisted that would better prepare them to marry, instead of just walking into the Registrar General’s Department to sign.

“If I want to drive in this country, I will have to go through a test. They will test me and I have to pass the test. I have to memorise road signs. Then the state will now tell me that okay they are satisfied with my qualification, now we believe you can drive. You have convinced us by passing the test. Now get your certificate and get your licence.”

“But if I walk into Registrar General’s Department right now with actress Ingrid Alabi, they will ask me if I am sure we are not related? Then I say yes. They would eh ok sit down and sign here,” he said.

Majid added that marriage vows are meant to be kept till the death of one partner, and that shouldn’t be taken for granted. “Couples must go through a series of training to acquire knowledge about marriage before they are allowed to sign up for it,” he reiterated.

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