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Piesie Esther ManagementGospel singer Piesie Esther

Gospel diva Piesie Esther has so much trust in his husband after eight years of blissful marriage that she cannot for a moment contemplate their love going sour.

At a time when many gospel artistes are going through difficulties in their marriages, with divorce now commonplace, Esther harbours no such phobia about the possibility of her relationship going down that rocky road. In fact, she declared to Showbiz that her husband, Enoch Asiedu, “can never leave” her.

“It won’t happen to me. I do not see my husband leaving me. In fact, he can never leave me. We have grown to be each other’s companion. We did not just get up and got married, it was a gradual process.

Opening up about her eight-year marriage, the songstress explained to Showbiz she had built the kind of relationship with her supportive husband that she knew it would withstand turbulent times.

“At the time I met him, other men had also showed interest but judging by how he treated me, the respect and his support for my ministry etc, I was sure he was the one I had to live the rest of my life with,” she said confidently.

“The only reason I am confident that he cannot leave me is that Jesus is in our boat. The only power I know is God Almighty; he has been our rock of ages since day one.”

Esther who acknowledges the supportive role played by her husband in her music career said “his support for me has been overwhelming.

You know, sometimes, he monitors radio stations and makes sure my songs are getting the necessary recognition and I want to say that I appreciate him.

“I will add that God used my husband to make me who I am today, he is my rock, my pillar and I love him very much. I will choose him over and over again, anytime, any day.”

As a mother of three—two boys and a girl, the music star believes she has gained enough experience to advise the youth not to rush when choosing partners.

“You need to take your time, study your partner and make sure he or she is someone you can spend the rest of your life with.

Above all, make Jesus Christ your pillar, go down on your knees, pray and ask Him to show you signs that your partner is the right one for you.”

Known for churning out danceable Gospel songs, Esther who is out with her fifth album, this time went strictly worship songs. Titled Osoree Mu Tumi, the album which was released last Friday has 20 powerful and inspirational songs.

Some of the songs on the album produced by Enesta Production are, Wob3 Y3 Yie, Adom Bi, Kronkron, Ofata, Aman Nyinaa, Dwen Papa, Oyeraba, Suban Dada and Ned).

Explaining why the switch from danceable songs to worship, she said: “I was praying one day and word came from God that, prayer does not answer everything, sometimes worship does the magic too.

That is why I decided to come out with a worship album which seeks to exalt God by pouring out appellations and forcing Him to step down from his throne to bless his children.”

“The reception after I released the song has been amazing, it came out on Friday and I already have people calling to talk about their testimonies and the magic it is doing in their lives and for me that is fulfilling. It goes on to confirm that anything born and started by God will stand.”

The singer, who hails from Atonsu in the Ashanti Region, first came to national attention with her debut Apae Ama Me album in 2002.

She followed it up with the Me Nte Ase collection in 2008 which earned her nominations in the Gospel Artiste of the Year and Gospel Song of the Year categories at the 2009 Ghana Music Awards.

She released Ziba Bekwo in 2011. Her Agye Won Nsem album came out in late 2016.

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