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Samini StephStephanie and Samini
Musician Stephanie Benson has finally released the video of her latest single, One More and it features Ghanaian Dancehall artiste, Samini.

And boy isn’t the video sizzling hot? The video opens with Samini driving to see Stephanie who greets him in a barely there lingerie. While acknowledging her sexiness, Samini goes into the house ‘savours’ her.

He eventually draws her to him squeezing the cheeks of her buttocks and leads her into the bedroom and starts undressing her and start making out.

In the video produced by Kill Beatz and shot by Yaw Skyface, Stephanie and samini continue express their love and affection towards each other by hugging, kissing, touching and caressing each other on a couch, a bed, in a bathtub and a swimming pool

In an interview with Stephanie, she said, One More is all about wanting more of something. “I mean, if you are in a relationship with someone and the person treats you well from all angles, it is just prudent that you ask for more. We all deserve to be loved.”

Talking about working with Samini, Stephanie said Samini seemed uncomfortable initially.

“Initially when he came on set and saw me in my costume and all, I guess he was uncomfortable but after some minutes, he got the plot for the video and did an amazing job.

“He was a gentleman and a professional. I remember from time to time, he asked if I was alright. I think he is too hot for himself, she said.

Samini on the other hand also appreciated Stephanie for choosing to work with him.

“Stephanie is like a mother to me and I’m excited to work with her on this track. She was fun throughout our shoot. I would not mind working on another song with her.”

Touching on how comfortable he was holding, kissing and touching someone he refers to as a mother, he said, “I was there to work and I had to be professional about it. The thing is that, the person is easy to flow with so it wasn’t difficult working with her.”

For the concept, Stephanie said, “I wanted something people can relate to, something fun, sexy, full of happiness, something that can stir up the interest of viewers so that they can come back to watch again and again.”

Kill Beatz did a splendid job on the production of the audio just as Yaw Skyface also did by sustaining the interest of viewers with camera angles and visuals.

Within a week that the video was uploaded on to Stephanie's Youtube Channel, it has over 65,000 views.

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