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Agya Yawplay videoAgya Yaw Yeboah, the armed robber turned pastor
About half of the illicit arms and guns supplied to armed robbers in the country come from top government officials, an ex-robber and drug baron has stated, adding that the President has a lot of work to do in controlling arms from falling into wrong hands. 

According to Agya Yaw Yeboah, the armed robber turned pastor, most of the guns are supplied by politicians and lawyers to the leaders of the robbery society in Ghana, who later get their share of the booty after the ‘operation’.

“The President has a lot of work to do. We have some top government officials who supply guns to US. We give them their share after the robbery. I have been in this for long and I know how this works. There are lawyers also who are a part of the gun supply. I can say about half the guns supplied to robbers is done by some top government officials. If the government does not strengthen the fight against illicit arms and guns, many more will fall victim.” Agya Yaw said in Twi. 

Speaking on Kofi TV, Mr. Yeboah narrated that he was an armed robber for seven years in Ghana before travelling to Germany where he joined a robbery group. 

He added that he went deep in the criminal act upon his return to Ghana. 

“I’m from a very poor home and extreme hardship led me into the criminal act. I started with 419 but a friend of mine approached me and said the 419 was not lucrative. He introduced me to robbery and I went very deep in the act. I was very fortunate not to have been caught though some friends were gunned down,” he stated. 

Mr. Yeboah also recounted how he lavishly spent all the money he got from each robbery within the shortest time adding that he constantly relied on informants he called ‘runners’ for hints on potential robbery sites.

Source: www.ghanaweb

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