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Violence Ada Dce Electionplay videoThere was chaos during the votes counting process
Joy News’ camera technician who was covering the election of the DCE for the Ada East District Assembly in the Greater Accra Region Friday was locked up after a scuffle broke out.

The cameraman was arrested by some heavily built men, numbering more than five and was bundled into a room outside the auditorium.

Joy News’ Maxwell Agbagba who was also at the venue reported some police officers prevented him from filming the process.

“I was sacked from the room,” the reporter disclosed on Joy FM’s Top Story. There was chaos at the Ada East District Assembly after DCE nominee, Sarah Dugbakie Pobee was confirmed by Assembly Members.

She reportedly polled 28 out of the 36 valid votes cast. Seven voted No and one vote was rejected.

But shortly after the results were declared, the auditorium was plunged into darkness.

Some Assembly Members led by the Presiding Member of the Assembly, Simon Arthur alleged the ballot box was swapped during the short period of power outage.

He has refused to sign the results declaration form, claiming the election was rigged.

“I am the Presiding Member (PM) and I am not going to sign because leadership must be by the will of the people,” he said.

There were physical exchanges between supporters of the DCE nominee and persons opposed to her.

The Joy News’ cameraman was whisked out of the auditorium by some macho men when he tried to film the scuffle.

He was taken to a room outside but was released after some protest.

“We were scared for own lives…so we knew that we are not safe so we had to run to Accra,” Agbagba reported.

Meanwhile, the PM of the Assembly said he has been issued with a medical form to go to the hospital after he was manhandled.

“We are not happy about the election [and] we will protest,” he said.

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