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Nang BeifubahDr. Alexis Nang-Beifubah, Central Regional Director of Ghana Health Service
The Central Regional Director of Health Service, Dr. Alexis Nang-Beifubah has called on all stakeholders in health to commit to working extra hard to achieve the health sustainable development goals without relying on resources from central government since the government does not have enough money for healthcare delivery.

According to the Director, his directorate has been depending on donor agencies to determine what exactly to do with the funds received

Dr. Nang Beifubah indicated that it is time Ghana Health Service starts looking within for the needed resources to complement efforts of the government and take ownership of their destinies in terms of health.

“To this effect, a catalog of all stakeholders will be compiled or be reviewed to identify areas of comparative strengths and competencies for effective engagement for improved service delivery in the ensuing years” he added.

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