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Obibini Takyi And EbonyObibini Takyi Jnr and the Ebony
Few days ago, son of Highlife legend Obibini Takyi, blasted Ghanaians for the negative way they are branding the late "Sponsor" singer, Ebony.

According to him, we are humans and need not judge because none is perfect and if they see Ebony as one who will burn in hell, then he is willing to join her since he isn't righteous as well.

Few minutes ago, Obibini Takyi Jnr in an interview with Black Legendary TV says, he has regretted saying that because Ebony is gone and it's his prayer to see her rest in perfect peace beside her maker.

"I have now regretted for that statement and I am in pain now because I want to see her have a perfect peace with our creator above. I loved her and I still do, but the way Ghanaians used to criticize the young girl was heartbreaking and that made me come out with that statement. Afterall, her one-week memorial proved she had loved ones so my statement isnt needed again", he said.

Obibini Takyi Jnr has released a tribute song for Ebony Reigns

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