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Afia Schwarrr   Afia Schwarzenegger
Controversial comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger has in a rebuttal, thrown jabs at married Counsellor Reverend George Lutterodt for labelling the mother of two as a “joke” and believes she is “struggling” to find a father figure for her children.

Counselor Lutterodt said although he admires Afia Schwarzenegger’s determination to take care of her children, her frustration led her to marry her ex-husband, Lawrence Abrokwa and “decided to keep him and feed him while it should be the reverse osmosis where a man is to be taking care of his woman.”

However, the outspoken TV personality, who was obviously not pleased with the above assertions by the Reverend, also made some shocking revelations about him on social media.

In a post on Instagram she described him as a misfit when it come to the category of “real men” adding that it is no secret his wife gave him financial assistance for their marriage and is still the breadwinner of their house.

“George Lutterodt You think some of us don't know how ur wife gave u money to marry her..or you think we don't know that she fed you for years and still feeding you..well my friend was ur neighbour so be careful. Take several seats with ur foolishness and shut up...when you talk about real men I cry becos u are not one..real men don't beg to feed their family.. from begging from Fadda Dickson to Prophet Kobi..I guess every man can do that.”

Throwing more punches at the opined Counsellor, the proud mother added that her children do not necessarily need a father figure in their lives but felt pity for his children who have been rendered fatherless although their “useless loud mouth father is alive”.

The pair have been at loggerhead over Counsellor’s malicious comment on the sudden death of young music diva, Ebony Reigns.

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Source: www.ghanaweb

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