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Controversial Counsellor LutterodtCounselor Lutterodt has courted a lot of contriversies for himself due to his public utterances
Radio presenter with Adom FM, Captain Smart is irked by what he describes as ‘disrespectful’ utterances from Rev. George Cyril Lutterodt and as a way of showing his displeasure, the popular morning show host has served notice of an intention to stage a demonstration against the vociferous counselor.

George Lutterodt has not minced words in tagging female celebrities who have given birth out of wedlock as prostitutes as he asserts that such figures are no different from commercial sex workers.

He asserts that beautiful women who have kids out of wedlock make him sad as there is no excuse for any woman to have a baby when she is not married.

“Especially, not by virtue of marriage or the husband dead but by virtue of unprotected sexual intercourse…I feel so sad and I break down.

“Pregnancy is not an airborne disease so if you want to really have sexual intercourse and you are not ready to make babies why do you have sex unprotected with the excuse that she did not know what happened and she got pregnant? I feel so sad for human beings like that. It saddens my heart because when you are a role model and you don’t have any proper standard to use, it becomes a headache for me,” he posits.

Counselor Lutterodt’s recent comment on Yvonne Nelson where he launched scathing attack on the actress appears to have been in bad taste for many including singer, Chase, who has promised to give $200 to anyone who would slap Counselor Lutterodt and send him [Chase] a video clip as evidence.

Though Captain Smart has condemned Chase’s ‘challenge’, the radio personality is ready to stage a demonstration against Counselor Lutterodt.

“When you begin to attack people thinking that will make you popular, I disagree. I will demonstrate against Counselor Lutterodt,” he said on Daybreak Hitz, Monday.

As monitored by, Captain Smart indicated that there is nothing wrong with giving birth out of wedlock.

“We should begin to respect women. The reason why the African man cannot be rich till his time of death is that we fail to respect women. Yvonne has committed no crime. David was born out of wedlock. I’m not glorifying that but if you’re my child and you beget out of wedlock, praise God; if you beget after marriage, praise God.

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