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Quata Song KenyaQuata Budukusu
Ghanaian Rapper and originator of tongue-twisting, Quata Budukusu not long ago incurred the wrath of Ghanaians in showbiz when he stated categorically that the media don’t promote good and positive content.

He went further to buttress his point by citing how the media failed to talk about his moves when his ‘Quantum Riddim’ reggae album was selected for Grammy Awards consideration in 2017.

Lo and behold, it looks like Quata knew what he was talking about as the very album his people failed to promote is now making waves in Kenya per a report on Mdundo published by According to the report, Quata’s ‘Quantum Riddim EP’ which comprises of 13 tracks is part of the five hottest EP currently on Mdundo.

For clarity sake, Mdundo are essentially online music publishers and distributors. They act as intermediaries between the musician and the public. They also collect payment for phone downloads on behalf of artists and distribute an agreed percentage to them.

Below is how the impact of Quata Budukusu’s album in Kenya was captured via Twitter.

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