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Moesha NeatMoesha Boduong
Ghanaian actress and Instagram model, Moesha Bodoung, seems to be having a really good time on her vacation in the United States. 

As has been the case since left the shores of Ghana, the actress has been updating her fans and followers on social media. 

In the latest update from her vacation, Moesha chose to dazzle her fans with yet another video of her shapely body. In the video, Moesha is seen in a shirt which was tucked into a very tight dress as she cat-walked away. 

Wearing a pair of heels, Moesha Bodoung was seen shaking her much famous 'tundra'. 

Playing at the background was Edem's latest single 'Fokoloryor' which features Moesha's name prominently. 

Moesha, who is obviously excited about at her being featured in the song, posted the video on Instagram with the caption: "@iamedemgh new tune is lit Fokoloryor" 

Moesha's video has captured much attention on social media as many of her followers have fallen in love with it. 

@monteozafrica joking accused of 'exaggerating' her walk: "Eeeeeiii Moesha Can Exaggerate the Walk. My Boo Boo" 

@nanaop1275 was almost killed by the video:"Ajeei Moesha will kill us " 

@eeru_abubakar explained that it was Moesha's backside which was exciting him: "Its not the walk that is killing but the back" 

@sananncy thought Moesha's body was on auto vibration:"@moeshaboduong body no da auto vibration, antootowa ?" 

@kofi1935 described Moesha's video as a "Beautiful and magnificent back asset" But it was not all praise as a good number of people criticising her over the video. 

@iamladydash_ told Moesha to stop flaunting her body and do something else: "So all u do is flaunt your a**? oh odoyewu plz do something different wai" 

@stardom34 also shared similar sentiments and even described Moesha's back assets as artificial:"You have nothing to show to the world apart from that your artificial a** ...... 

@_talk.it_ also did not mince words and called Moesha's back as 'plastic': "So how do you feel carrying all that plastic on you?? previously reported how Moesha broke the internet with another raunchy video exposing much cleavage. 

Moesha has come to be known as the lover of 'sugar daddies' after she suggested that many Ghanaian ladies rely on 'sugar daddies' to survive the harsh economic conditions. 

In an interview with CNN in April, she confessed to depending on a married man for survival. 

According to her, Ghana’s economy is so hard that women cannot survive on their own unless they depend on men – married ones. 

But after being bashed on the social media for her comments, Moesha toned down but it looks like she is bouncing back gradually

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