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Benedicta Gafah PsalmBenedicta Gafah
Nana Appiah Mensah alias NAM 1’s current predicament, has exposed people who truly supported him and those who were just around him because of what they could get out of him, reports

The most talked about in the trade of ungratefulness is songstress Becca who has since the beginning of MenzGold issues deleted everything she has with Nana Appiah Mensah on her Instagram.

But actress Benedicta Gafah has an advice for her.

In a post on Instagram sighted by, she reminded Becca never to despise the hand that once fed her.

To her, even if you do not get what you want from that place, you should never bang the door and leave but rather leave quietly and ensure that you do not leave the people you depended on in pain.

Her post read “Never break the pot that once gave you water.Never bite the hands that once fed you. Never despise the home that once gave you shelter. If for now you have outgrown their usefulness,leave them intact and go quietly and honorable. Becareful how you close a door. Never ever bang on it,you may need to walk through that same door tomorrow”.

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