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Eastern Regional MinisterThe Easatern Regional Minister Eric Kwakye Darfour at a stakeholder meeting in the region
The Eastern Regional Security Council REGSEC has indicated that chieftaincy disputes threatened the security and peace in the Eastern Region in 2018.

According to REGSEC, chieftaincy disputes which are on the increase in most towns and villages in the region has created some tensions which resulted in the destruction of properties and caused a drain on state resources.

Speaking to journalists at a stakeholders review meeting over the weekend, the Eastern Regional Minister, Eric Kwakye Darfour said the Regional Security Council (REGSEC) is collaborating with the Regional House of Chief’s to find an amicable solution to save lives and properties.

“One of the major challenges which threatened the peace and security of the region was, unfortunately, chieftaincy disputes, it has been surfacing regularly in recent times, creating a lot of unnecessary tensions and burden on REGSEC but we are however optimistic that this year the Eastern Regional House of Chief’s will continue to support REGSEC and help us address most of these issues to save lives and properties and financial resources.”

“The issue of chieftaincy disputes must not be pushed under the carpet. although it concerns Nananom, we need to talk about them because sometimes you can not understand that one royal gate is required to give or name one candidate to be installed as the chief and you will have two candidates coming out to merge, we do not understand.”

He added, "there are even towns in our region where we have two chief's all portraying themselves as legitimate, so who is to be recognized. When it comes to the time where rituals needs to be performed then people pull arms, others gang up to show they are the rightful occupants of the stool and this is a sad issue, so we want to appeal to all traditional leaders to help REGSEC to overcome these disputes, we know you have the capacity to help because chieftaincy is a dignified institute and the way it is going we are degrading it in the region”.

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