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Gifty Osei play videoEmpress Gifty Adorye and new husband
Aseda singer, Empress Gifty Adorye has explained why she was seemingly on the quiet in the Showbiz space for some time and the people who she describes as viruses and insects, behind the downfall of her first marriage.

Speaking to Foster Romanus on his ‘The Late Nite Celebrity Show’ On Etv Ghana, the new Mrs. Gifty Adorye revealed that some very close friends she thought she had in the gospel music fraternity were the ones who caused the collapse of her marriage. According to her, these colleagues she formerly drove around town with, in her car were telling her husband things that were not true.

The ‘Adom’ hitmaker boldly stated that if anyone wants to get people who are very wicked in Ghana, they should just go to the gospel music industry. She revealed that there are some colleagues of hers who have about 20 sim cards they use to go about the ‘mafia’ work and destroy the image and reputation of colleagues.

She revealed that she was very hurt when it got to her realization that some of these gospel musicians she thought were family and confided in would betray her in such a Judas Iscariot manner. That they would decide to text the conversations she had with them in private to her husband, even though it was not anything negative. She ended by stating emphatically that she has learned her lessons and would make sure she lives a reserved life now.

Watch the aggrieved Gifty Adorye make these shocking revelations in the video below:

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