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Adofoli ParentingFrank Edem Adofoli
Have you met that person who is truly interested in YOU? The hard truth is not everyone you meet in the name of relationship is interested in you. Not everyone you are in a relationship with wants to be with you. Have you asked yourself why your current partner is with you?

You need someone who genuinely cares for you, not someone who is with you because of how they enjoy sex with you or how you make them feel. Not because of orgasm. I am not talking about someone who is with you because of money; how you take care of their needs, pay their bills, clothe them, buy all the things they dream and wish for.

I am not talking about someone who is with you because of the properties or passions you have; the cars, the business, their positions, etc. I am talking about someone who truly cares about you, who loves you. If such a person is in because of you, someone who likes you, they will accept your flaws and do things to help you become a better person.

Have you met someone who is not in your life for anything or wants something from you but rather is interested in you? One who has your best interest at heart? Your wellbeing at heart? Who is happy to see you succeed? Who is happy to see you make it in life? Who appreciates the little progress you make in life and encourages you to achieve more?

Who stays by your side during the good and bad times? It takes such a person to pray for you. Such a person talks to God to change you or to make you a better person, than discussing you with the public and doesn't mind doing that on social media groups.

Let someone marry you and not your performance in bed, not how you kiss, not the size of your bank account, not the possession you have or what you give them. Marry someone who is interested in YOU. Someone who understands your madness, who talks to you after the fight, sees reason with you, someone who waits for you, someone who is patient with you, someone who helps and guides you, someone who supports you.

Before you promote your current relationship into marriage make sure you take away sex, money, materials and see if you still have a relationship, If he or she still loves you and is willing to be with you. Don't wait until you lose your partner because you cannot give them any of those things. You need someone you can build with, it takes such a person to enjoy with. And when you find such a person, hold them dear to heart.

You don't take them for granted or mess up the relationship. If you do, you might end up with a fake lover for the rest of your life. You might also live with the regret of letting go someone who genuinely cares about you and you won't be able to get them back. People like that exist but it is hard to find in these days of a world full of fake people.

Don't think because they love you so much, because they care so much about you, because they have invested so much in you, they won't leave no matter what you do to them including cheating. Doing that equals to throwing away a diamond for a rock.

In conclusion, "So be happy with your wife and find your joy with the woman you married— pretty and graceful as a deer. Let her charms keep you happy; let her surround you with her love" - Proverbs 5:18-19 (GNT).

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