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Toke GoldgiggerToke Makinwa
Any man who calls a woman a gold digger is nothing less of a broke dude who cannot provide the needs of that lady, says on-air personality Toke Makinwa.

In a new episode of her Vlog Toke Moment, which centred on “Breakup and Makeup”, Toke Makinwa and Bosun held a discussion on relationships, observing how people complain a lot and why they are too quick to throw in the towel.

It was in her bid to justify why some relationships don’t last long in recent times that she said money sometimes bring about breakups.

According to her, “a real man does not say a woman likes money”.

The entrepreneur and author said when a man cannot support an ambitious lady money-wise towards achieving her dreams, that does not suggest she’s a gold digger.

In her view, if any man cannot afford to be with a woman who demands money to finance her projects, then he must look somewhere else.

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