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Mark Okraku And Kwaisey PeeMark Okraku Mantey and Kwaisey Pee
Mark Okraku Mantey has rubbished highlife musician Kwaisey Pee’s assertion that there is no celebrity in Ghana.

Kwaisey Pee, in an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM on Thursday said no Ghanaian is fit to be called a celebrity.

According to him, comparing the social and financial status of celebrities living in the Western World to the ‘so-called’ Ghanaian celebrities, he is yet to see one in Ghana.

But reacting to this on the same Daybreak Hitz show, Mark Okraku Mantey who is also the President of the Creative Arts Council disagreed with him.

Mark, explaining what celebrity means said it doesn’t involve the financial status of a person.

“He said we don’t have celebrities. It is untrue we do have. Bob Marley and Joseph Hill [Culture] dressed anyhow and didn’t drive luxurious cars but can you say they weren’t celebrities?

“Ethics is about how your society accepts something that is right or wrong. That’s why gayism is normal in the Western culture but not in Africa. Celebrity is the state of being known and talked about. A person who is widely known period per dictionary definition. So where from if you don’t have this or that, you’re not a celebrity?” Mark queried.

Mr. Okraku Mantey said “It’s not about richness. If Nana Addo goes anywhere the atmosphere changes because he is a celeb.. We have lots of celebs in the country from music to film, politics, and religion.

“I forgive Kwaisey Pee because he lived in the Western Culture for so long,” he concluded.

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