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Prophet Nana Aaron Takes Gospel Music To Another Level
Gospel music is of the musical arts in the world that reminds Christians of the secular world that they live in, which helps to remind them that there is a higher power at work. Gospel music also helps to keep Christians self-aware and more connected to their spirituality.
Contrary to the array of gospel songs circulating in the system which appear to be just for pleasures and entertainment, Prophet Nana Aaron's songs are the opposite.
His songs empower, consoles, guides, motivates, saves, enlightens and inspires reflection. He sounds so powerful and sweet like a million angels when behind the microphone, as if he's backed by an invisible mystic choir from heaven.
Gentle and God-filled anointed gospel musician Prophet Nana Aaron is blessed with diversity of musical talents.
As a holder and witness of the light, his message which constituted in his music is sourced from Christ our Lord. He is one of the handsome urn of Christ.
This glory-filled hogshead's music is one of the heavenly decoding keys that unlocks heavenly door and connect souls to their rightful God.
As all nations gospel musician his core objective is to transference and testify the good message from our Lord Jesus Christ to the lost souls.
Prophet Nana Aaron although a lawyer by profession is also the leader of the Yeshua Relationship Ministries and Gone Clear Syndicate Company Limited in United Kingdom.
Prophet Nana Aaron as part of reaching out to the lost souls and also testify the good works of the Yeshuah He also gives charity to the needy which includes Akropong School of the Blind and the rest.
Sharing his testimony with the world He is out with a gospel music titled MY LORD IS GOOD which is similar to a sturdy astral flight --- it patiently elevates your soul through a series of blissful planes and you physically feel levitated. This is a golden sensation that keeps his fans listening back again and again.
He had the opportunity to perform this song before His Royal Highness the Prince Charles, The prince of Wales long before it was released at the Community Music Skills in Croydon London UK.

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