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Lydia Forson TasteLydia Forson
Lydia Forson has advised ladies to allow their men to eat out their Vijay and not only that, they should be allowed them to bury their faces in their a$s and also fvck them as machines so that if the men brag that they have slept with them, they can confidently say “yes, he did”.

According to Lydia Forson, some men go out bragging after sleeping with women without recognizing that the women also slept with them too.

To Lydia Forson, women should make the best out of such se*xual encounters by getting the most pleasure of it so that when the men brag they can be okay with it.

Lydia Forson tweeted:

Ladies, Let your men eat you out, bury their faces in your as*s and machine gun fck you. So when they go out and brag that “I chop am”, you can proudly say “he sure did”. ? *FYI, as you chop, am, she chop you too, so

The tweet garnered a lot of reaction with the men applauding her for preaching to the women. Most of the men, however, explained that if such service is rendered by the women, they won’t go out bragging.

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