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Shay DvlaWendy Shay
Wendy Shay has caused massive traffic with the release of her new Jeep Wrangler as earlier reported by 

The traffic became even more when the singer was captured driving around town with a customised number plate which reads: “SHAY 23-19”. Many people are happy for Wendy Shay over her achievement. 

However, in less than 24 hours, she has been busted, as some investigations reveal that her customised number plate is fake. This is according to a report seen by on 

According to that report, DVLA sources say they are yet to see Wendy Shay’s customised number plate, meaning that they did not register it. 

The DVLA sources reportedly added that the number plate is fake because it was not registered with them. 

And in Ghana, it is only the DVLA that has the mandate to register vehicles, therefore, if the sources are saying otherwise, then it means there is an untold story surrounding Wendy Shay’s number plate. 

Meanwhile, the singer has been seen cruising around town in the car. 

Wendy Shay was in the news earlier following a video with KiDi doing their own thing. 

The video surprised many people who wondered the kind of relationship that existed between the two musicians.

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