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Berlin Cosmetics Ltd, producers of Black Secret Makeup is organising its new “makeup Boomerang” programme aimed at training about 500,000 Africa women in makeup artistry for free at their offices in Accra and Kumasi.

The programme dubbed “makeup4all women” started yesterday and it is the first time in Africa and it is also geared towards empowering women through job creation.

The training is opened to women aged 18 years and above and would be honoured with a certificate of participation at the end of the programme.

According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Bernard Annoh, the company has now become an Educational and Technology company in the Beauty Industry by providing free makeup education to Africa women using Quality makeup products. “We intend to provide real value to our customers by providing professional education in makeup application.”

Mr. Annoh emphasized that today’s woman needs to save time and money when it comes to applying makeup and the key to achieve this is through Makeup Education.

“The purpose for “makeup4all women” is to provide makeup Education to over 500,000 Ghanaian women for free and empower over 2000 women through job creation. Black Secret Makeup believes that every woman deserves to be educated in makeup artistry and must be able to apply makeup on their own as well as become an entrepreneur if they so choose in the beauty industry.

Upon such conviction, the company has decided to come out with makeup4allwomen programme,” he said.

The “makeup4all women’ training is in two categories and the first category is for every woman who would want to learn the skills to be able to apply makeup by themselves; this is Do It Yourself (DIY) option. And the second category is for those who would want to learn the skills to become consultants with the Black Secret brand.

The first segment is for those who will be learning the skills for personal use and the training will be for a period of two days for two batches.

The CEO explained that, interested persons would be given the opportunity to choose times that are favourable to them and were also obliged to bring their own selected products and buy a foundation and powder only from Black Secret.

“With the second category, interested participants would become makeup consultants with the brand.

“The period for this training is two weeks and would be given in-depth training in the makeup application and also be provided with entrepreneurial and customer service courses to be able to fit the market.

“As a consultant with the brand, one would be able to earn some good money with incentives from the company,” Mr. Annoh said.

Black Secret Makeup is a mineral-based makeup formulated brand that was founded in 2009. It is a Ghanaian owned brand that provides Africa woman with quality and affordable products. Over the past 10years, the brand focus has always been to produce quality products for women of colour.

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