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The LPG Marketing Companies Association has asked government to scrap taxes on LPG in next year’s budget.

Vice Chairman of the Association Gabby Kumi has warned that government’s quest to double usage of LPG to 50 percent by 2030 will be in jeopardy if the taxes remain.

Currently, only 25% of people, mainly urban dwellers, use LPG instead of charcoal. The group believes an increment in the usage of LPG will have a positive corresponding impact on the environment.

The LPG marketing Companies Association also argues that the average LPG cylinder size which cost 80GHC will reduce to about 50 Cedis if the taxes are scrapped, ‘we believe that if government takes away the 25% taxes on the product we can help government achieve its objective to increase usage’

The association says it has already written series of letters to the Ministry of Finance, NPA and other government agencies to consider their request. ‘Before the midyear review we called for reduction but unfortunately something small was added, we were given a slap instead’. MR. Kumi told Morning Starr Host Francis Abban that further increment in LPG prices will be disastrous for the nation

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