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Yvonne Nelsonplay videoYvonne Nelson
A video of a lady behaving exactly like popular Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, has popped up.

Yvonne Nelson is seen in the video dancing, laughing and sing while she attends to her barbecue.

The outspoken actress looked trendy in her sweatshirt, shorts, and sneakers as he danced with excitement and ensured that her barbecue comes out well.

However, a lady who has been considered a loyal fan of Yvonne Nelson on social media was also seen in a similar setting as that of Yvonne Nelson, dressed like her, dancing and behaving exactly like her.

Amazed by Yvonne Nelson, the actress put both videos together and posted it on her Instagram page for her fans to watch and enjoy.

Below is how fans reacted to the video;

Naa Ashorkor: Omg

heiressjacinta: What’s all this?

jecilious: My forever mood when I see food atimsammy:

Kill me!lolzzz nana_abena_sarkcess:

These kids errhh ub_bishop : Beautiful u
Lady behaves like Yvonne Nelson, fans amazed
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