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 Video: Eagle Prophet Is Not My Baby Daddy, DNA Can Prove  - Gloria Kani Responds To Fake News

News broke on the social media of Kumawood actress Gloria Kani

’s baby father as she puts her christian morals down to join social media fight with Tracy Boakye. As the fight was heated, with Tracy Boakye refusing to respond to Gloria, an allegation was made of Eagle prophet to be the father of Gloria’s child. Gloria, in responding to the allegations,  made a video to state Eagle Prophet is not the father of her child and she has DNA to support her argument. So now the pastor that you’ve made them publish that I had my baby with, Tracy, if I produce my child’s father, aaah, you say you have money, I will go equally with you,  Yaa, I will go equally with you. The child will come and we go for a DNA and if we do and is not the pastor’s child, your case will be different.”

You see the way I am speaking with boldness, lately if I tell you the child we will do DNA, I know my standing and know what I am talking about. “ 

As the news continues to trend on the social media,, had a private phone conversation with Eagle Prophet per the allegations made against him. When questioned about the allegations, the prophets said he had seen the news trending on the social media but took it as part of the attacks in the ministry and do not have any relation with Gloria. 

Below is the video:


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