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 11 hours ago | New Release
​And there goes a soft side of Oga Sir as he teams up with O'giveR to present a Club Banger - RUNAWAY. Oga maintains his lyrical prowess and artistic approach in his Picture painting with breath-taking Bars connecting with O'giveR's melodious Hook.
They both murdered this amazing Beat of the South - Otyno. Great job by Mix'D on the Mix by the way,... It's LyriCal4Ces EnterTainMent. Hit Oga Sir Up On Your Favorite Social Media;
Twitter: [@iamOgaSir]
Instagram: [@iamOgaSir]
FaceBook: [Oga Sir]
Hit O'giveR Up On Your Favorite Social Media;
Twitter: [@iamOgiveR]
Instagram: [@iamogiver]
FaceBook: [O'giveR Okiboiy NG]
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