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Kweku Boahen DkglDeputy Communications Director of the NDC, Kwaku Boahen

Deputy Communications Director of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kwaku Boahen, has said that the New Patriotic Party has absolutely no chance of securing the votes of Ghanaians in the 2020 elections.

According to him, the NPP has terribly failed Ghanaians in the first 7 months of its reign in government which for him, has been a total disaster. He maintained that Ghanaians are very disappointed at the turn of events since the NPP came into power; most of them he said, are even shying away from being associated with the party. 

“If you meet anyone in town and you ask them if they voted for the NPP, they deny it flatly, so we can’t even tell till now the persons who voted for the NPP, a clear indication that everyone is shy and discouraged, they can’t even associate themselves with having voted for the NPP”, he stated. 

He said that the country has been plunged into a complete chaotic state since the party assumed office. According to him, there have been several acts of violence and attacks on several persons under this government, a situation that has left majority of the citizenry in a state of fear and panic. 

“Things are not going well at all, you wake up with fear and panic, uncertain of the next time you will be attacked by armed robbers, not knowing if you may have to commit suicide the next day, living with fear of being attacked by vigilante groups”, he stated.

Aside this he said, the economy has experienced a massive fall in the past 6 months. Traders are unable to sell their wares because salaries have been withheld and people are not patronizing their goods.

‘People are not purchasing the wares of traders, the traders are wailing, you can go to Okaishie market for instance and ask those selling the paints and tinned tomatoes, they don’t buy their goods. The workers who will buy are not being paid on time, a lot of delayed salaries, the contractors haven’t been paid, and things are so hard, even teachers who used to eat breakfast before school are unable to do so now.”

Mr. Boahen expressed confidence in the fact that the NDC has a huge chance of regaining power in 2020 seeing the current state of affairs under the NPP. Citing Kennedy Agyapong’s threat to expose the ‘dubious’ means through which their party won power, he said that Ghanaians will finally learn the truth through this and that will result in the eventual failure of the NPP in the next polls.

“I was so excited when we went into opposition (the NDC) because even in the early stages, things were not going well for the NPP. It only gives me so much confidence that the NDC will come back into power in 2020. 

“Even Kennedy Agyapong has come out to threaten to expose the illegal means through which they won the elections. It will be exposed for all of us to see and then we’ll all vote in 2020”, he added.
Source: ghanaweb

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