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Akata NewtruckUK based Ghanaian artiste Akata Stone (R) and Ghanaian dancehall act Shatta Wale (L)

It would be recalled that popular Uk-based Ghanaian artiste Akata Stone had bragged that his remixed version of 'Taking over' hit song is better than the original version done by Shatta Wale.

He quoted in an interview with that, “Well, if you ask me I will say though the original version is also great, I think shatta wale didn’t take his time in arranging and mastering the song so as compared to mine, you can observe that mine is well composed and mastered…Just look at how the beat is heavy the two songs and judge for yourself”

Akata Stone has come under elephantine criticism after making such a pronouncement by most entertainment pundits and fans of Shatta Wale who claim his remix version is the ridiculous song ever to be produced.

In response to his critics, Akata Stone in a telephone conversation from his residence in UK, revealed to that, Shatta Wale can even attest that the remix version is much better than the original version:

“I’m very surprised people are trolling me like that…but my question is, do they understand music?…they should make a proper check of the song…even Shatta Wale himself can attest that my remix version is well produced than his…My brother, Shatta himself is aware of what am talking about", Akata Stone said with much humane.

Akata Stone started his music career in 2004 and has 15 songs to his credit.In January, he released his debut single track for 2017 titled ‘Bedroom’ featuring Atumpan.

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