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Tracey Yahayaplay videoTracey Boakye

Actress, Tracey Boakye says her ex-boyfriend Yahaya Mohammed was not rich when they met and he used to drive her car while they were dating.

The actress who was speaking to Papa Kumasi on his show “Bomb Tyme” on Kumasi based Royal TV stated that “Yahaya has never been richer than me and up till now he is not richer than I am so he is not someone I dated for money”.

She insisted that she had her baby because she wanted to as she was helping members of her family take care of their children and as such she doesn’t need the help of the former Kotoko player in taking care of their child.

Asked if she will agree to marry Yahaya if he asks her to,Tracey stressed that she won’t because she doesn't love him.

Watch the video below:

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