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Dzisah GijDr. Dzisah said quality education should encompass preparing children to think independently
Rector of the Ghana Institute of Journalism Dr.Wilberforce S. Dzisah is calling for an introspection of the definition of quality education in Ghana, in order not to develop a generation of formidable technocrats with very weak morals.

According to him, quality education is not simply how efficient we teach children to read, write and solve simple arithmetic or how children reproduce what has been taught in the classroom.

Rather, quality education should encompass preparing children to develop the critical mindset to think independently; the ability to be creative and innovative in the way they do things; develop high moral fibre by placing God first and prayer at the centre of their lives and have a sense of being environmentally friendly. 

“We must inculcate in our children the virtues of humility and discipline. Discipline is essential to our survival and success because it defines our character. Character shows who we are and who we appear to be because discipline helps to mold our behavior and defines our personality,” Dr. Wilberforce Dzisa stressed. 

Delivering the keynote address at the 5th anniversary ceremony of Alpha Hill Schools in Koforidua under the theme: “Technology, Innovation and Christian Values, The catalysts for Progressive Quality Education”, Dr. Dzisa cautioned that, we must not as a country put so much pressure on our children to glue to the science, mathematics and technology courses but we should allow those who are naturally gifted in the Liberal Arts and Business Courses to also explore their talent. 

“There is the need to strike that intricate balance between talent and choices students make if they are to succeed in their chosen careers. Naturally, we all have high hopes of becoming Medical Doctors, Engineers, Pharmacists, Lawyers, among others but having hopes without identifying one’s talent could lead us to chase the wind, which ultimately could result in frustration,” said Dr. Dzisah.

He said in order to avert the crisis facing our education and employment arising out of the choices and career paths we have chosen for ourselves and children, the guiding and counseling units in the schools should speed up their game and do a thorough and critical diagnostic study of talents and choices open to our students. 

He also urged schools without mentorship programs to institute same and provide a mentoring role to our students. 

Director of Human Resource and Administration of Alpha Hills Schools, Mrs. Belinda Siabi indicated that the school aims at becoming one of the most endowed and resourced educational center in Ghana and Africa, delivering quality education. 

She said the school has recorded numerous successes in a very short period. 
She, however, expressed worry about the very poor nature of the roads leading to the school and the Bonya community respectively and called on the government to put it to shape. 

Municipal Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Comfort Asante admitted to the poor nature of the road networks in the Municipality and assured of her outfit’s commitment to fixing them. 

She indicated that the government’s priority areas include education and job creation hence will do everything humanly possible to create the necessary environment for growth

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