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Joyce Blessing DelayJoyce Blessing

Gospel musician, Joyce Blessing, who has refused to acknowledge her former manager Ernest Kwesi Anim for propelling her to stardom has revealed that there was no official contract between the two in the years they worked together.

The ‘Unbreakable’ hit maker on ‘The Delay Show’ said even though there was some sort of understanding between them, they never discussed or signed a contract.

Joyce blessing insisted on the show that she was talented and hardworking before she met Kwesi Ernest, contrary to what others think and that everything she got from working with her former manager was a result of her seriousness, talent, and hard work.

Joyce Blessing who didn’t seem to remember that it was Kwesi Ernest who sent her to the driving school insisted that even though she was not signed officially, she worked for everything including the house and the car she got.

However, when she was asked why it didn’t matter to her when she was enjoying all the goodies from her former manager even though there was no contract because it was convenient for her, Joyce Blessing said she also worked equally hard for what she got.

“I was also working, right now as you sit here, someone cannot take your hand and buy you a house or car if you have not done anything. It depends on the hard work, if you work hard and out of that you get a comfortable place or a car to use, it is out of your hard work” she said.

Joyce Blessing signed a four-year deal with Zylofon media, a creative arts and entertainment conglomerate on June 28, 2017.

Source: ghanaweb

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