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Samira KumkumSamira Bawumia poses with a cast of KumKum Bhagya
Since the picture of Second Lady, Samira Bawumia and Pammi of Kumkum Bhagya fame went viral on social media, many lovers of the Indian series cannot get enough of it.

However, some section of the Ghanaian public has criticized the move by the Second Lady by insinuating that the picture was in a way endorsing the long-running Indian soap opera to the detriment of local movies.

One of such critics of the move is local movie producer, Ola Kwaku Michael. The movie producer was of the view that Samira Bawumia’s endorsement of the foreign series was enough to kill the already dying local movie industry.

He added that calls to cancel the Indian soap would mean nothing now that they have received the government’s approval with the picture.

Ola Michael who is a former FIPAG PRO and NDC activist sarcastically chastised the Second Lady’s move by congratulating her for being a great inspiration to the Ghanaian movie industry.

Many Ghanaians have called for an alternative Ghanaian content to replace the Indian series but the love many Ghanaians have for the soap opera knows no bounds and it is not likely the love and anticipation that comes with the show is going to end anytime soon.

Kumkum Bhagya is an Indian series that airs on Adom TV. The voice over for the series has been translated into Twi.

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