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Kich1A picture of a man demonstrating 'the kitchen stool challenge'
In Ghana, the slightest incident could become a nationwide trend. There have been famous ones like the Akufo-Addo-Kalypo challenge which took social media by storm in the heat up to the 2016 elections.

Well, after the shocking release of a sex video between a headmaster and a Senior High School (SHS) student, the kitchen stool that was used in the video is trending on social media.

The leaked sex tape involves Robert Sepey, the headmaster of the Breman Edumanu District Authority Basic School in the Asikuma Oboben-Brakwa district of the Central region, and a student of another school [name withheld].

In the video that has gone viral, the student is seen kneeling on a kitchen stool while Mr Sepey stood behind her engaging in the sexual act. One social media user posing a challenge

The use of the kitchen stool has trigged the ‘kitchen stool challenge’ on social media and some of the posts are hilarious.

Kitchen stools have all of a sudden become the talk of the town as many social media users are posting images of themselves stooping on it imitating the sex act.

Some people have started a joke to the effect that the price of the kitchen stools has gone up after the incident because they are in high demand now.

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