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Ecow Smith Asante   Ecow Smith-Asante
Actor Ecow Smith-Asante has recounted a chilling experience when a man harassed him after a shoot.

The actor said the man, who was part of a production team for a movie outside the country tried to kiss him.

Mr Smith Asante wouldn’t give details of the encounter, not even the country, but said he was shocked to the bone when the man made that attempt on him.

Recounting the incident in an interview on Behind the Fame on Drive Time on Joy FM with Lexis Bill, the actor said, although he was shocked, he had to be diplomatic about it.

“Every time I finish shoot, the director and the producer will say ‘thumbs up…let’s go… next scene,’" the actor said concerned that he never got criticized by the director and producer.

Ecow said he became suspicious after the producers did not criticize his work but rather were too impressed with his output.

One day after shooting a member of the production team followed him to his hotel.

“A man hugs me and then his lips are getting close to me…he hugged me tight and brought his lips...I was shocked to the marrow with goosebumps all over me. I’m like ‘please just stay back," the actor recounted.

"In the most diplomatic way, I pushed him back. The next day, we got on set and the person didn't want to come close to me. I finished my scenes and I was out. Until today, I have never been to that country,” Mr Smith-Asante said.

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