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Agya Koo Neew NPPAgya Koo is reported to have said movie producers conspired to bring down his career
Ace Kumawood actor cum Producer,Michael Afrane has hit back at his colleague, Agya Koo over claims movie producers conspired to bring down his career.

According to him, the empty pride of Agya Koo following the strides he was making is to blame and no one else.

“The pride was just too much. He has himself to blame and no one else. Producers could no longer accommodate his conduct and had to let him go”, he revealed.

He disagreed with claims he is the best when it comes to the local movie industry saying: ”If you cast Agya Koo alone in a movie will you get any patronage? He leans on the support of others to break barriers. He should also be reminded that he succeeded from others”

He appealed to emerging stars to be humble if they want their careers to last in the industry indicating that it is one of the things that Agya Koo failed to do which is now haunting him.

“If he claims he is the best, who was there before he took over. I have listened to the tape but I just don’t want to react”, he said.

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