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Nppmembers Curse2The aggrieved NPP members stormed the Odupong Gei Kordua River to curse the executives
Some disgruntled members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Awutu Senya East in the Central Region have invoked curses on the party’s acting General Secretary John Boadu and other executives.

Their action was triggered by what they claim to be unfair treatment meted out to them in the just ended polling station elections.

They told 3News that they have been handed a raw deal, claiming their names were removed from the list as delegates.

According to them, the elections did not come off in areas such as Iron City and Steps to Christ, but the party national executives claim the elections have been held and the polling station executives elected.

“Since 2008, some of us have toiled, sacrificed, spent our money and some have even sacrificed their blood for the party to the extent that today some people have suffered stroke. But after winning power, some of our executives have removed our names from the register that we are not delegates,” leader of the group said.

“Nana, we cannot say anything. We know you can help us that is why we have come to you. We know you won't let our toil be in vain. Anyone who is a part of this, kill the person!,” he added.


The disgruntled party members, who claim their numerous petitions addressed to John Boadu have not been acted upon, proceeded to the Odupong Gei Kordua River Friday afternoon to ask the river gods to deliver justice in their favour.

In their view, the courts will delay, hence their decision to turn to the river gods who, according to them guarantee quick results.

They invoked the curses using 10 eggs, four bottles of schnapps and slaughtered a white sheep.

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