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Rabby Mom1play videoRabby Bray
We may know things about people’s lives, but that doesn’t mean we know what’s in their hearts or understand the journey they’ve been on. That is true for all of us, but especially celebrities who are the subject of so much hearsay and gossip.

In a tell-it-all interview with GhanaCelebrities.Com, actress Ewurabena Bray, who is popularly known as Rabby Bray has taken us on a revealing journey. Publicly, Rabby Bray is only known as a Ghanaian actress who has played several lead roles.

For the most part, Ghanaians do not know a lot about who Rabby Bray really is because she has fiercely kept a very low profile of herself over the years by choice.

We decided to delve into the life of beautiful Rabby to ascertain among other things what drives her--and why she even chose acting.

Not only were we shocked to discover Rabby Bray is a philanthropist who does a lot of charity work to help the needy in society, but also she is a big time real estate investment consultant helping several Ghanaians and other nationals invest wisely in real estate.

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