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Oheneyere Gifty Afia Dansoa Anti seems to be tormented by the fact that a very lively artiste Ebony, is now to be found only at the morgue.

Pondering over how life could be this short, Gifty Anti could not fathom how Ebony could be at the morgue and lifeless.

"Ei! So Ebony has spent 24 hours in the morgue?". She quizzed in astonishment.

Ebony's death has taken so many people aback, including Gifty Anti.

Oheneyere, in an Instagram post, seized the opportunity to encourage all to live at peace with one another.

According to her, "Wow!!! Hmmmmm Life.... So really what is the hassle all about? The hurting each other, being wicked to each other, being jealous and doing everything you can to destroy someone's happiness, the betrayals, the disappointments...What's all that about? The strong desire to destroy someone's reputation?".

Gifty wants all to appreciate the fact that they are all alive due to divine selection from above and therefore ought to hold on to God.

Having asked for forgiveness for whoever she may have wronged, she prayed that all will live at peace with one another so we can have a peaceful stay on earth till we all depart to the maker one day.

Ebony, born Priscilla Opuku Kwarteng died on-the-spot in a fatal accident which occurred on Thursday, 8th February at Mankranso on the Sunyani-Kumasi highway.

She had been to Sunyani to visit her mother who had come from abroad when the unfortunate incident happened.

Ebony was a Ghanaian dancehall/afropop songstress and died at aged 21.

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