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Dumelo John White Dress1John Dumelo
Ladies Man John Dumelo is out here sharing lessons on how to keep your girlfriend else someone will snatch her from you.

According to John who is master of the game, he said women love when men sweet talk them about their looks from their hairdo, dresses to even how good they smell.

The actor who has been linked to having dozens of secret relationships with women admonished men to make their lovers feel special.

He continued that if men don’t do this, somebody else will make their girls special and that will be the end.

If John Dumelo is lecturing the public on how to woe girls, who are we to doubt his findings that come from a myriad of experiences.

Women like to be complimented. “Babes, your hair is nice, your dress is amazing, babes you smell good”. Let your woman feel special or someone else will make her special

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