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Kofi KinaataKofi Kinaata
Rapper, Martin King Arthur, known popularly as Kofi Kinaata has said although he is a star, his family does not accord him that respect because he is the youngest among his siblings.

According to him, his family treats him like they used to treat him before stardom and even though his popularity keeps soaring each day, that does not change how he is seen by his elder siblings and family members.

Kinaata indicated that they send him like they used to and until he steps out of the house, he continues to remain that small boy they have known for years.

He said “when we are at home there is no star there. My elder siblings send me when they want to and where they want to send me to. I am a star only when I am out of the house but when I’m home they know me to be their Junior brother”.

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