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ANAS ANAS FRESHDAnas Aremeyaw Anas is an award winning investigative journalist
Ace Investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas though a Muslim has revealed that the prayers of Reverend Eastwood Anaba, founder of Eastwood Anaba Ministries kept him going during his tough times.

According to him, there were hot moments he and his team had to go through after the release of investigative work especially when some members of his team were being kidnapped in some parts of the country.

“Reverend Eastwood and his friends, the prayer….Do you know what we went through in those days…..the kidnapping time? There were hot moments and those calls we got from Reverend Eastwood those were the things that gave us hope”, he revealed at the second national media Festival organized by the Press Foundation, TPF.

“…and those also teach us a lesson that whenever we set out, we don’t set out with malice in our head we set out looking for the truth. That is the only way we can be associated with people like him. Because if he realizes we are peddling untruth, they is no point giving us the necessary support we need from him”, he disclosed.

He also gave a hint that a number of persons in enviable positions will be fired this year when his latest investigative piece is released.

According to him, this will trigger a lot of dangers in the country indicating that it will not be easy as many will think.

“There will be a lot of dangers this year. It is will not be easy because it will have a national impact and those who will be affected may go home. A good number of respected persons will go home this year so I advise we should increase our security”,

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