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Kaneshi MarketThe state of Kaneshi Market
Shopping in the capital city of Ghana is an everyday thing but a visit to most of the markets in Accra will discourage you from buying from markets.

Uncontrollable dumping of refuse at market places has become a serious canker in Accra and the Kaneshie market have not been left out.

The Kaneshie market is one of the busiest markets in Accra .The market was built and commissioned in the 1970s.It is said to be the second largest market in the country. Aside the trade in the two storey building, selling and buying in the opening is brisk.

The market is a major source of revenue for development without doubt. However, the front view of the market has become the site for garbage disposal over some years now. A breeding ground for rodents and insects such as mosquitoes and cockroaches. The market women sell under insanitary conditions which pose as health risk.

Some media houses have reported on the issue severally but nothing have been done to stern the situation. The sellers who display their wares in the opening said the heap junk in the market is affecting their business as the customers complain of the stench that emanates from the refuse.

They are once again calling on the appropriate authorities to relocate the dumping site. To make Accra one of the beautiful cities in Africa, the trading centers in the capital city should be given much attention in dealing with filth in the country.

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