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Kofi AdamsNational Organizer of the NDC, Kofi Adams
The National Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Kofi Adams has berated government over delays in the payment of salaries of public Sector Workers.

Adams says it is surprising to note that a party which so much touted its competence and proclaimed that there is enough money in the country, is now struggling to pay workers.

Management of the University of Ghana is struggling to raise monies to pay workers for March after borrowing to pay salaries in January and February

A memo dated March 21, 2018, and signed by the Registrar, Mercy Haizel-Ashia said :” It’s not possible to borrow for a third month to pay salaries”. Nonetheless, management said it is working tirelessly to ensure the delay does not prolong .

However, Mr. Adams told an NDC gathering in Koforidua that in the eight (8) years of the NDC administration never did the salaries of universities workers delay.

“In the entire 8 years that we were in government from 7th January 2009 to 6th January 2017, there was not a period that a University reported that it could not pay its workers. In less than 2 years of a government that described itself as so competent with so many appointees managing the education sector, which we don’t know who is really in charge; whether it is Napo or Prof. Yankah or the numerous deputies, we don’t know who is actually in Charge. But with all these huge numbers we are having reports that workers in our tertiary institutions are not getting their salaries or cheques bouncing,” he told the Tertiary Education Institution Network (TEIN) of the Koforidua Technical University in the Eastern Region.

Mr. Adams added that many workers in various state institutions are experiencing delays in their salary payment, a situation he blamed on poor management of the economy by the government .

He said the NPP government lied to Ghanaians that there is money in the country hence no need for government to borrow but now borrowing in high rate contrary to what it told Ghanaians when in opposition.

“Unfortunately we were told all kinds of stories but today were are seeing the real truth. So much borrowing has happened, but we were told by Dr. Bawumia that as for the money ‘the money is here’. And his basis was that he has worked as a Deputy Governor of Bank of Ghana before and truly so Ghanaians we believe him, that should be true so why should we go and even attempt to borrow.

“The Minister for Finance few days ago was in Parliament, he was asking to be given the chance to go and borrow 1.5 billion Euro-bond, he was asking for another €13 million, he was asking for another GHC500 million, he was asking for another 80 something million dollars, he was asking for more and more and more money to borrow that did not reflect even in his budget that was approved by the House."

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