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A Nigerian counselor has urged all men whose wives were not virgins at the time of their marriage to take them back to their parents.

The counselor, Tayo Dotun Anuife–Gbolahan, indicated that such women hold no place in the homes of their husband, and so they must be returned to their parents' houses.

He made this proclamation on Facebook, and stirred up a controversial conversation among users of the social media.

He wrote: “Announcement!!! All women that lost virginity [before] before their husbands met them should return BACK to their parent’s houses.”

According to Tayo Dotun Anuife–Gbolahan, such women deserve to be confined to the homes of their parents because they committed sexual immorality and refused to keep themselves pure for the rightful person.

Tayo is not the only one who has made such a comment about virgins in recent times.

Popular man of God, Eastwood Anaba, recently decried the rate at which “virgins are missing in the church”, as reported by earlier.

According to Anaba, the love for riches is forcing young women into trading their virginity for money and other physical gains.

The man of God who was clearly not happy about the worrying trend lamented that the practice has now become common even in the church.

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