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D Flex GhHighlife musician, D Flex
Highlife musician, D Flex has exposed musicians who use juju for wealth and fame in the music industry.

According to him, things have changed and now to stay relevant and make more money, some artistes have gone for ‘juju’.

D Flex who was speaking on Accra-based Happy FM indicated that although worrying, the lack of investors in the creative arts should be blamed for such moves by artistes in the country.

He said, “Some but me I don’t do ‘Sakawa’, I know a lot of them but that’s their job”.

“There were producers who would buy your music outright in the past, but now you have to hustle to get everything like going to the studio and shooting the video done on your own.”

“You have to invest in your craft. Since you have the talent and you want to explore and the means are not there, you have to do what you have to do to get your self out there.”

“It is now that people are really using ‘Juju’ on people. What used to happen in the past is nothing compared to what is happening now. Do you know what people are doing? I’m in the industry and I know what’s going on to get fame and to be popular.”

“Some of them pour blood on things before they go out and before they go for shows. Yes I’m telling you and not just musicians, it happens in the entertainment industry as whole.”

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